Monthly Archives: April 2016

A Look Inside Cerber Ransomware

The “Cerber” family of ransomware first appeared in open source reporting in March 2016, with victims readily identified by the “.cerber” extension left on encrypted files. Unlike many other ransomware variants, Cerber is designed to encrypt a victim’s file system immediately, without receiving “confirmation” or instructions from a command and control (C2) node. After this malicious encryption is complete, HTML and text files are opened on the infected machine, reporting that files have been encrypted and directing the victim to install Tor and to visit the payment page. Currently, the payment site is hosted on a Tor hidden service and […]

Security Weekly #461 – Jeff’s Round Table

This week, Jeff comes on the show and hosts Jeff’s Round Table. He talks about Google Play Music, Jedi Conference, vulnerability management vendors, and integration into asset discovery. All that and more, here on Security Weekly!