Cybersecurity Insights with Contrast CISO David Lindner | 9/23

Insight #1

Are you scanning your code repositories for secrets? What about your open file or network shares? Breaches will happen, but once a malicious actor has a foothold in the environment, ensuring other controls are in place to prevent further compromise is imperative. One of those controls is making sure secrets don’t just exist in easily accessible locations.”

Insight #2

Transparency will be regulated over the next few years. We are already seeing movement with regulations and best practices from the EU, CISA, and US Government. If you are not making plans to change your ability or willingness to be more transparent in your security posture, it’s time to refocus.”

Insight #3

Empowering developers will be critical in moving the software security bar over the next decade. The pace of development and growth of the number of developers far outpaces those dedicated to security. Many in security are calling for change, and this is one change we must support.”

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