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Qualys API Best Practices: CyberSecurity Asset Management API

The Qualys Security Blog’s API Best Practices Series is designed for Qualys customer programmers or stakeholders with a general knowledge of programming who want to implement best practices to improve development, design, and performance of their programs that use the Qualys API. For non-customers, the Qualys API demonstrates our commitment to interoperability with the enterprise […]

Introducing CyberSecurity Asset Management 2.0 with Natively Integrated External Attack Surface Management

Qualys is introducing Qualys CyberSecurity Asset Management 2.0, which now delivers natively integrated External Attack Surface Management (EASM) to enable Cybersecurity teams to identify any and all assets visible on the internet, including previously unknown assets and any potential security issues… before attackers find them. Read the CSAM 2.0 Press Release Challenges of Managing the […]

Attack Surface Management: a Critical Pillar of Cybersecurity Asset Management

In their recent Innovation Insight for Attack Surface Management report, Gartner calls Attack Surface Management (or “ASM”, for short) the first pillar in a broader Exposure Management strategy. According to Gartner, ASM addresses the questions: What does my organization look like from an attacker’s point of view? How should cybersecurity find and prioritize the issues […]

Let’s Improve Cybersecurity Asset Management Capabilities

When you as an organization assess your security controls and map your security characteristics to guidance and best practices, an important factor to think about is how to quickly identify anomalous behavior before it snowballs into something big.  What are the possible gaps that you need to identify and address?  It all starts with what’s […]

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