Author: Chris Hauk

Comment on Wiltshire Farm Foods Cyberattack by Chris Hauk

“This cyber attack is just the latest of the many attacks we’ve seen on food processing plants, utilities, and other infrastructure. 

Customers of Wiltshire Farm Foods and its parent firm, Apetitio should stay alert for unsolicited messages or emails claiming to be from the company, especially those with links or attachments, NEVER click or tap on a link or attachment included in any message. Also, look out for phone scams. As Wiltshire Farm Foods runs a food delivery service for seniors, they may be targeted by bad actors via phone calls or other forms of communication.”

Comment on Comment: DuckDuckgo Browser Allows Microsoft Trackers Due To Search Agreement by Chris Hauk

<p>It saddens me that a search engine we thought was private, DuckDuckGo, actually allows trackers for Microsoft search results. While DuckDuckGo didn\’t hide this fact, they also did not go to any lengths to let users know about the tracking, which makes users feel let down and mistrusting of DuckDuckGo.<br /><br />I recommend that DuckDuckGo users perhaps migrate to another \”private\” browser and search engine until DuckDuckGo takes steps to fix this. Perhaps the Brave browser is the solution. As far as I can tell, Brave doesn\’t allow tracking by Microsoft or other nosy types, and doesn\’t use Microsoft\’s Bing or other major search engines, instead it has developed its own.\”<br /><br />Pixel Privacy – Learn How to Protect Your Online Privacy The Easy Way!</p>