Author: Damon Ebanks

Comment on Why Smishing And Vishing Attempts Surged In 2021? by Damon Ebanks

Cybercriminals continue to rely on human interaction to click malicious links, download dangerous files, inadvertently install malware, transfer funds, and disclose sensitive information. The security of an organization can be addressed by tackling the password issue head-on by completely removing passwords from the equation.  

By eliminating the use of knowledge-based authentication users cannot share credentials and phishing attacks cannot capture passwords (since there are none to expose). Brute force attacks are ruled out because bad actors can’t guess a password that doesn’t exist, and keyboard recorders can’t capture password information. Password-less authentication is of interest to all types of organizations, public and private, regardless of where they are on their digital transformation journey.
The global pandemic has amplified the need for simple and secure access for employees, customers, and partners because these groups now work or operate from any location that can’t be secured by IT security. With the surge in gas prices remote work will remain the norm and a world where zero trust is the only solution will remain. We are living in a world where Passwordless authentication should be the norm.