Author: Jamie Akhtar

Comment on Cybersecurity Leaders Are Anticipating Mass Resignations Within The Year – Here’s Why by Jamie Akhtar

“This story is just another chapter in the long, arduous narrative surrounding cyber-burnout and the cyber skills shortage. Aside from the obvious short term implications, it’s not unlikely that stories such as these will discourage budding cyber-professionals and ambitious professionals from pursuing a career in cybersecurity, only exacerbating the problem. 

However, it isn’t all bad. Technological advances, attitude changes and initiatives can all work to ease the load on exhausted executives and their employees. Cyber Essentials, a certification awarded by the NCSC in collaboration with vendors, takes some pressure off security professionals by ensuring that organisations are protected from the vast majority of attacks. The program effectively solves the cyber skills gap, or at the very least closes it a little, with research finding that simply achieving a certification reduces the likelihood of a successful attack by 98.5%.”