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Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition – Interview with Jim Balsillie, co-founder of BlackBerry and the CIO Strategy Council

Welcome to Hashtag Trending, the Weekend Edition, where we have interviews with experts and thought leaders that help us explore news and trends in technology. This week we are featuring an interview I did with Jim Balsillie. Jim is known throughout the world as the co-founder of Research In Motion (RIM), the company that gave

Cyber Security Today, September 28, 2022 – PowerPoint delivers malware and more…

PowerPoint delivers malware, the overwhelming majority of people fear that they personally will be victims of cyber attacks and some great visual tools to understand the impact of ransomware.  Welcome to Cyber Security Today.  I’m Jim Love, CIO of IT World Canada sitting in for Howard Solomon. Hackers using PowerPoint files to deliver malware We’ve

Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition, September 23, 2022 – Today we are going to hear an interview with Alan Hoving about his experience as an early citizen on Second Life.

RELEASED SEP 23, 2022 This week we have a segment from an ITWC series on the Metaverse with Doug Sparkes from the University of Waterloo.  The original podcast is called a Deeper Dive – The Metaverse and we are talking to Alan Hoving, an early adopter of one of the first online worlds, Second Life. This

 Diia – Ukraine implements world leading digital government in the middle of a war. What’s our excuse?

Ukraine has managed to implement an astonishingly comprehensive set of digital government services, with 70 key public services available, half the adult population participating, and a goal of digitizing all government services by 2024 – despite the fact that the country is fighting for its very existence in a war with Russia. This remarkable achievement

Hashtag Trending – the Weekend Edition: The problem with purchasing. An interview with Duncan Card.

Welcome to Hashtag Trending – the weekend Edition, where we bring you an in-depth interview with an expert on topics relevant to today’s news. I’m Jim Love, CIO of ITWC,  publishers or IT World Canada and Canadian CIO This podcast was inspired by a recent report from Gartner that reported “Fifty-six percent of organizations said

Cyber Security Today for Friday, September 9th – Back to school, Cyberwars, Facebook can’t find your data and more…

Does Facebook even know what data it has about you?  Or where it is stored?  Cyberwar breaking out from the Russia Ukraine conflict hits many Ukraine supporters – most recently a full assault on Japan’s e-government.  All this and more on the back to school edition of CyberSecurity Today. I’m Jim Love, CIO of ITWC

Cyber Security Today for Wednesday Sept 7, 2022 – TikTok exposes billions of records, number one attack vector and more…

A TikTok breach compromises 2 billion user records, Samsung falls victim to a theft of US customer records and public-facing applications have become the most widely used initial vector to penetrate an organization. Welcome to CyberSecurity Today. I’m Jim Love, CIO of IT World Canada and Tech News Day in the US sitting in for

Ransomware attackers expand the attack surface. This Week in Ransomware – Friday, Sept 2

Ransomware continues to grow and expand, both in the number of attackers and the number of potential victims. This week we feature some of the attackers’ strategies described in recent news items. What’s next – “Ransomware in a box?”  New “Agenda Ransomware” can be customized for each victim A new ransomware strain called “Agenda”, written

Is “state-backed” ransomware excluded from cyber insurance? Plus three points of irony. This Week in Ransomware – Monday, Aug 29th

We were sent a note drawing our attention to the following story from a company engaged in cyber security protection. It raised interesting questions about not only future insurance coverage, but also what exclusions might exist that we haven’t thought about. Insurance policies from Lloyd’s to have an exclusion for “state-backed cyber-attacks” Lloyd’s of London

Hashtag Weekend: Quantum computing and what you need to know today with our guest Brian Lenahan, chair, Quantum Strategy Institute

Quantum computers offer the potential for a new level of computing power far beyond anything we’ve ever seen.  They are so powerful that they might be able to crack the strongest encryption we have in place today. That would take even our fastest current computers hundreds and maybe thousands of years to calculate. Despite the

Increase in ransomware attacks, number of variants and the attack surface itself: This Week in Ransomware as of Sunday, August 21, 2022

Number of attacks increasing VPN software provider Atlas VPN has released a report on the most significant ransomware statistics from the past year. The report showed more evidence confirming two trends we have been reporting on. Ransomware attacks are increasing; the number of attacks doubled since 2021 to almost 600 million. The second trend showed

Cyber Security Today for August 3rd, 2022 – Exfiltration, ransomware attacks critical infrastructure and “What is your personal data worth?”

Exfiltration the theft of data is now a dominant strategy in ransomware,  ransomware groups continue to attack critical infrastructure and a fast food chain proposes the value of your personal data is about the price of a coffee and a donut.  Welcome to CyberSecurity Today, I’m Jim Love, CIO of IT World Canada filling in

Hashtag Weekend – Interview with Julian Galley of Compugen on his cross country bike tour in support of Alzheimer research

Welcome to Hashtag Weekend. I’m Jim Love, CIO of ITWC, publishers of IT World Canada, Channel Daily News, Tech News Day and a host of other technology related publications and podcasts. This week, we’ve got something that’s a little “off the beaten path” so to speak. We will talk a little bit about some interesting tech

This week in ransomware – Friday, June 10, 2022

Does brand and reputation still matter to ransomware gangs? Ransomware only works if victims actually pay the ransom. A recent Telus report reported that 60 per cent of companies say they will not pay a ransom, pointing out that paying does not guarantee restoration of your data. Interesting, when you look only at companies that […]

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This Week in Ransomware – Friday, June 3, 2022

Is it time to stop being victims?  This week marked a number of ransomware attacks and continued growth of new means and methods of extortion practiced by ransomware gangs. The question that springs to mind is, of course – what can be done? We thought we’d devote this issue of TWIR to what you can […]

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Atlassian advises users to disable or limit internet access to Confluence collaboration software

Users of Atlassian’s Confluence collaboration software have been warned to either restrict internet access to the software or to disable it due to a critical vulnerability. As of midnight EDT on June 2nd, the company has no patch or fix for the issue, nor has it given a timeframe for delivery. An advisory from Atlassian […]

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Cyber Security Today: Friday, June 3rd, 2022

An alarming increase in cyber vulnerabilities for small and medium sized business in the US and Canada,  the US government says its okay to launch cyber attacks at Russia and some old attacks methods using PDFs may be back and Canadian chain Tim Hortons admonished for breach of Canadian privacy laws. I’m Jim Love,  CIO […]

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