Author: Jonathan Knudsen

Comment on Wiltshire Farm Foods Cyberattack by Jonathan Knudsen

“<span style=”color: black;”>Recent security trouble at Apetito is yet another example showing that every organisation is a software organisation. Food? Gyms? Oil pipelines? Global shipping? Every organisation in every industry depends on software for critical business functions. </span>

<span style=”color: black;”>Consequently, every organisation in every industry must embrace a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Without a security mindset in all parts of the organisation, the risk of disaster is high. Organisations must recognise that the software they use every day is a part of their infrastructure, just like office buildings or stores or factories. As such, organisations need to select, deploy, and operate software with an eye toward security at every step. </span>

<span style=”color: black;”>As software becomes more entrenched in the fabric of society, and as criminals get better at exploiting weak security processes, good security hygiene will become a competitive differentiator. Eventually, organisations will see software security not as a cost centre or hurdle, but as an enabler to a faster, more efficient, less risky future.”</span>