Author: marcoramilli

Windows System Calls For Hunters

Introduction System calls are the ultimate high-level atomic actions that Malware writers might control. System calls sequences are the defacto ultimate way to divide behaviors between good and bad. For example the system call “encrypt” could be used by a privacy oriented software to encrypt content before shipping-it to a cloud storage or it could […]

DiskKill/HermeticWiper and NotPetya (Dis)similarities

Many security researchers, professional cybersecurity analysts and cybsec organizations realized great analyses on DiskKill (HermeticWiper), some of my favorite are HERE, HERE and HERE. Today what I’d like to do, is to focus on specific HermeticWiper characteristics and looking for similarities (or differences) to another similar (and well known) cyber attack happened in Ukraine few […]

APT28 SKINNYBOY: Cheat Sheet

APT28, also known as Sofacy Group is an (in)famous threat actor. It is a cyber espionage group believed to have ties to the Russian government. Likely operating since 2007, the group is known to target government, military, and security organizations and it has been characterized as an advanced persistent threat over the past years from […]

Arts in digital defence

I received the “call” at the end of 2020 but my second TEDx was on late August 2021. It was a super, incredible wonderfull experience in where I met corgeos people and great professionals. I took this experience like a “summer project” and in three months I was able to deliver my speach. Great mentors […]

Paradise Ransomware: The Builder

The ransomware builders remind me old times, where Nukes and Exploiters were freely available on the underground communities, when few clicks were enough to bypass many AV vendors and attackers were activists or single people challenging the system. Nowadays the way the “builders” are developed and the way the criminality is abusing them to generate […]

MuddyWater: Binder Project (Part 2)

Before getting in the following Blog Post I would suggest you to read the “Part 1” of MuddyWater Binder Project which is available HERE, where you might contestualize the Code Highlights. Source Code Highlights Now it’s time to get into more core pieces of code. Let’s start with the file ConnectionHandler.cswhich is implementing the logic […]