Author: Parag Bajaria

Use Qualys ­­Flow to Automate Detection & Remediation with No-code Workflows

The threat landscape is rapidly and constantly evolving. New software vulnerabilities and service misconfigurations are discovered daily, and exploits targeting them are often released within hours. For effective security, pursuing the automation of both detection and remediation processes is essential. Several factors make security automation particularly challenging. First, the complexity of handoffs between Cybersecurity and […]

How to Discover Log4Shell Vulnerabilities in Running Containers & Images

If you run Java applications in containers, then it is critical that you check for Log4Shell vulnerabilities, given the high severity of this potential exploit. Qualys Container Security offers multiple methods to help you detect Log4Shell in your container environment. The Container Security sensor checks both running containers and container images for the following vulnerabilities:  QID 376157/CVE-2021-44228 – Detect venerable log4 jar for versions at or below 2.14  QID […]