Author: Patrick McBride

Comment on Apple Will Be Launching Passwordless Logins, What Do You Think? by Patrick McBride

With major players like Apple deciding to eliminate the password rather than just hiding it from users for convenience, we are finally turning the corner on security and privacy. 

People hate passwords and there is simply no way to make them ‘safer’. Exploiting passwords remains the single largest way adversaries gain access to accounts and data, and are the main vulnerability attackers use to access systems and deploy ransomware.
We applaud all efforts to eliminate passwords, especially approaches that use FIDO and other public-private key approaches like Passkey.
This will improve security immensely. We also sound a cautionary note when it comes to moving keys around – like from device to device in the Apple ecosystem. This can be convenient for consumers, but will also likely be where attackers focus their energy in the future.