Author: Rob.griffin

Comment on 45% Of Financial Services Customers Are Very Comfortable Using Non-Password Login Methods, Are You? by Rob.griffin

This latest survey from PYMNTS and Entersekt highlights consumers’ appetite for moving away from password-based authentication – something we have championed for a long time and which the industry is not enabling fast enough. Passwords are outdated and make users vulnerable to attack. Passwordless multi-factor authentication is by far the most effective way of protecting your online accounts and using biometrics or PIN-based solutions removes the need for passwords altogether. Technology that offers single-step MFA across all platforms has proven the most popular with users both because it enables much higher log-in success rates as well as allows them to log in so much faster.

Comment on 24 Billion Usernames And Passwords Found On The Dark Web by Rob.griffin

The report from Digital Shadows reveals the shocking increase of username and passwords found circulating amongst cyber criminals since 2020. The digital acceleration has exploded since the pandemic and we need to wake up to the fact that passwords are no longer a secure means of protection. Especially when so many individuals use password combinations that are easy-to-guess. Authentication needs to change, and people need to be aware of the flaws in password based authentication. Reports such as these highlight the need for other, safer means of authentication that require multiple factors and can’t be phished or brute forced. Passwords are outdated and this report makes it clear that cyber criminals are capitalising on this vulnerable authentication process.