Author: Steve Bradford

Comment on Rogue Actors Slipping Through The Cracks Into Business’ Internal Networks by Steve Bradford

Rogue actors are now spending an average dwell time of <a href=”;!!MsNKLpFGsw!LSLfsYV8XvowWp2QgVty1wqhrQOQE7P4H_xSWi8nOcSLMXcpyVFysDVZpMtndNw_RHfuqw9_kF_4OInCbWCFfU6LxfRCjdg2$” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow ugc”>51 days</a> inside an organisation’s network, not only posing a threat to businesses’ confidential data but also increasing the risk of further attacks.“These attacks are more prominent in smaller businesses, with rogue actors viewing them as particularly vulnerable.

All organisations, big or small, must approach security with multiple layers of cyber defences. This means increasing training for staff to spot threats or suspicious requests – but also investing in technology like identity security which can detect unusual or suspicious user behaviour and deal with identity-related threats well before a breach occurs.