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Cyber Security News & Trends

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Jonesboro Council Tackles Cybersafety —  The Clayton News Daily
Due to the recent…

Friday Squid Blogging: Squid Prices Rise as Catch Decreases

In Japan: Last year’s haul sank 15% to 53,000 tons, according to the JF Zengyoren national federation of fishing cooperatives. The squid catch has fallen by half in just two years. The previous low was plumbed in 2016. Lighter catches have been blamed on changing sea temperatures, which impedes the spawning and growth of the squid. Critics have also pointed…

Otra vulnerabilidad en Drupal y CKEditor

Es hora de actualizar los de Drupal, de nuevo. Por segunda vez en un mes, se ha descubierto que Drupal tiene otra vulnerabilidad crítica que podría permitir a los atacantes remotos realizar ataques avanzados, incluidos el robo de cookies, keylogging,…